Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hello March.

Um, whoopsies!
Didn't even realize I haven't posted for days and days and days....
last weeks was extra jumbo sized nuts. Sick kid, two reports to write, a microbiology exam to take, a lab quiz, and 12 miles to run (all at once. Yep, just did that! what???!!!).

I survived the week! and noticed it turned into March! Miracles!

But a SERIOUS miracle really did occur... my niece, who I mentioned was having some health struggles, is doing better! The medication is working and she will (at least from the positive way she's responding to medicine) be able to avoid more invasive procedures to keep her healthy. THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER!

Life has been feeling like this: head down, pushing against the wind, taking it one step and one minute at a time, but feeling immense pride in getting it done and immense gratitude to all of those good people helping us along the way.

This is something cute we found buried under Pete's bed yesterday. Pete said he dictated the note last year, and Leah wrote it for him :). "Dear Tooth Fairy, I lost both of my botom front teeth! since these were my third and fourth two teeth please pay me extra. Love, Peter"

Excuse the flash... Mommy had to capture this hilarious moment quickly. I was passing by the bathroom and this is what I spied... Sam up on the counter to brush his teeth :).

This is what I'll be doing for the rest of the day. Got up at 6, went and ran 12 miles in under 2 hours, went to church, and now I sit. Half marathon in 2 weeks!!!
I hope you're enjoying this beautiful season of Lent, if you follow the church calendar. We go to a very traditional presbyterian church, with a formal choir and lots of liturgy. it's a switch from our "folky/hippie" church from back home, but Zach and I both grew up in very traditional churches and thought this would be a good time to teach our kids hymns liturgy that are hundreds of years old and were recited by our ancestors (**oh, and by "traditional" I do not mean "conservative." And I'm not condemning conservatives, either- we can all stand to learn a lot from each other, despite differences of opinion- I just don't consider myself super conservative in certain areas. I could write a whole novel on this subject but for the sake of avoiding controversy I will not. I will say, however, that I'm very thankful for the PC-USA's stance on many subjects- they are very compassionate and welcoming towards all people**). There's something very sacred and soothing about reciting the same words that generations before us spoke in worship. It's not "cool" or "hip" but it is certainly beautiful and reverent, and we feel worshipful and comforted there.

This is one of my ALL time favorite hymns. Just gorgeous. Our choir sang this at church this morning and I had to hold back the tears. So simple, so powerful.

It is a newer hymn, written in 1955, but it is from a Psalm.
Hope you all are well... have a superb week... tata for now!!!

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