Thursday, March 29, 2012


Is anyone else choking back pollen every time they walk outside? It's spring in the South, ya'll. I swear I had to remove a chunk of pollen from my eyeball. Also, it's soccer season! we moved leagues and Pete is now in a league closer to Chapel Hill. I never knew I'd love it so much... Zach is officially assistant coach, which is much better than us coaching, with all our school and jobs and yada yada. This is a better balance, and Pete loves it!

Aaaanyway. Big news around these parts... we got our canoe! We have a big pond and live near lots of rivers, so it was the perfect time to bring it from it's "babysitter's" land to our house. The kids and Zach have had a blast... I've been the photographer for all the boat trips so far, so I haven't paddled yet, but I'm excited to soon, especially on a river (being in microbiology has me a little freaked about pond water... i'll get over it). The kids adore it and I'm glad to be a "cool mom" and raise my kids with all kinds of skillz!

Pretty (blurry) Pollen Producer. GAAAAAH! 
We have a fun event tomorrow that I'll blog about soon... other than that I'll be sticking my face in a microbio book for the next few days (big test soon). Love learning this stuff but I'll be glad when it's over! Kids will be home next week for spring break... woot woot! peace out friends...


  1. I am also weirded out by pond water. It seems like every summer, there's some unfortunate news of someone getting bacterial meningitis from a pond and then their brain gets eaten. Awful.

    Also, bad pun right here: I can row a boat, canoe?

    You love it.

    1. dude. you know i love it. you are so brilliant. and yes... meningitis, and amoebas. that's just plain sick. brain-eating everything. Welcome to my pond!