Friday, March 16, 2012


This week kicked my arse but HELLO! It's Friday! I'm so incredibly satisfied right now. Zach is HOME and the kids are doing great. The weather is gorgeous (and if NC decided to skip winter anyway, we might as well move along to warm weather!). I have 100 in my microbiology class half-way through the semester. I know, that's an annoying braggy sentence. But you know what? I'm SO HAPPY that I took this class and this step toward something new. I LOVE the information and my professor and being back in class. I know I'm only taking one class at a time right now, but I'm giving myself credit for doing this while busy with 3 kids and two part-time jobs. I want to give myself a high-five. I'm not so great in the self-confidence department, so I'm allowing myself to be excited about this achievement! I'm hoping I can keep it up for the next few labs and tests.

Also... it is upon us... the marathon weekend! Remember that I'm only half-crazy so I'm only running half the marathon (13.1 miles) but training for this and feeling that sense of empowerment has been amazing. YES I can do this, YES my body can handle it, YES I actually enjoy it! I'm nervous and jittery right now, but this is for myself and my friends running with me- we are not doing this to win, we are doing this to finish and feel STRONG! And throughout our training we've proven over and over again that we have it in us. WOOHOOO! So, wish me luck this Sunday morning when I'm waking up at 5:00am to catch a shuttle to start the race at 6:30am. We will rock this!

Can't end a post without showing off my hilarious kids. Right now they're learning tumbling/gymnastics in PE at school, so every day after school they pull their area rugs out of their rooms and make "mats" and proceed to do 500 cartwheels, handstands, somersaults, on and on and on, for long periods of time. It's been funny to watch, for sure... lots of entertainment around these parts!

(this is really all Sam can do. He just flops over and wiggles around and declares that he's done a back hand-spring and we all crack up!)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I'll share 1/2 Marathon pics and stories next week!


  1. Dude. HOW do you get so much accomplished? You are impressive. Best of luck on your 1/2 marathon!!

    1. dude. i only get this done b/c i no longer have a neversleeper. i couldn't do anything (other than little odd jobs) until sammy was like 3.5. When you have a kid under that age it is freaking hard. You do a LOT, esp. considering your neversleeper. you are in a season, and it will get easier to juggle, i promise! love you!