Sunday, February 5, 2012


Well hello there... I seem to have lost blogging steam. I'm a social worker and was assigned a case last week, so I have a little less time (I had oodles before... ha!). Glad to have a case, glad to have work at the kids' school, glad to have my health back (was supposed to run my 10-miler on friday and got sick... fever, sinus goo, etc). So tomorrow I'll feel good enough to run again, I think. Super awesomely happy that my baby niece is back at home!!! She'll be closely monitored but is able to be home with her mama and daddy and wait for the meds to work. Amazing!

Apparently people watch the Super Bowl on this day every year... I just did two loads of laundry and put it all away. We did manage to make cookies, dumplings, nachos, and fish sticks... (??). The game is on, via the computer, so I guess that counts. I should be studying something important, but I decided to blog instead. About nothing.

How are you all? This thing on? Anyone still reading?
Sorry for the lack of entertainment around here lately. I'm so very glad to be busy though. Most of the time.

Don't forget to check out the opportunity to support a cool organization (post below).

annnd, let's see. Anything else? I always have a blog post written in my head every night, and forget all about it the next day. Oh well. Just livin' life... having fun... and laughing a lot every day. Lately we've been listening to a lot of Civil Wars pandora station... it makes for a great day, I'm telling you! These musicians are intense and talented... we love them around here :). Cheers everyone! Have a great week...

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