Tuesday, February 14, 2012

all the LOVE i need...

Despite my whining post about having a rough time parenting my spirited children, they're worth every second of every day! My little loves make life worth living <3.

displaying the large amounts of free sugar collected today... all in the name of LOVE :).

They are pretty cute... (not sure where Pete's other shoe is?). But see how they all dressed up for Valentine's Day? Yes. Cute!

Mommy had to make a fart joke to get him to crack up... it worked! I'm not above fart jokes to snap my grumpy kid out of a mood :).

Hope you all feel loved today... and every day, of course :). Here's a happy love song for you, by, of course, the Civil Wars, my favorites :). (When Zach and I grow up, we're going to BE them)

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