Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Photography by Pete

Pete got a camera for his birthday... it's been entertaining him, to say the least :). When you have a REALLY busy child, having an arsenal of cool, techy things for him to do is a lifesaver. This camera has saved the day on many occasions! thanks mom! I feel a post coming soon about raising "busy" kids... many strategies are needed to help the whole family feel loved, safe, happy, and thriving... Maybe I'll write about that soon! tata for now... 

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  1. miss you sweet becca! totally get the busy/life thing tho. I'm there too! Great news about Sweet Caroline!!! Glad glad glad. Just checking in to say hey and ...why don't you have a feed burner link so I can be lazy and have you pop up in my flipboard reader??? Yeah, bc it's all about me me me.

    Love you, M