Saturday, February 25, 2012

good week

whoa... a whole week has gone by... hope you all are doing well. We had our usual busy week so we're just chillin' this weekend. Got my "short run" (8 miles) in this morning, met good friends for brunch, studied for my exam on Tuesday, and Zach cooked (this is always a splendid occurrence): 
this is "scarpriella" or something like that. It's chicken (with bones), sausage, potatoes, chicken broth, a little olive oil, and rosemary. Divine!

We had some major busy times this week- often stressful (including an emergency trip to the dental urgent care and me handing over all my money for Leah to get a crown... my kids are bound to have crazy dental problems now that daddy is becoming a dentist... it's some unspoken law among doctor/dentist kids, trust me ;). Anyway, here was the highlight of the week... (for ME anyway)... 

See that? my teeth? no more braces! woot woot!

Here are more artistic pictures by Pete: 

Happy Weekend! 

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  1. I like that the last one makes Pete look like an astronaut, even though it's a snow globe.