Monday, February 20, 2012

Leah turns 8 + Snow!

Leah's birthday weekend was a blast! I really hope she felt loved and cherished... we had two sets of grandparents visit and an aunt/hopefully future uncle visit throughout the weekend, all to celebrate our little lady. Plus a day of watching the theatre production of Willy Wonka and a fun mexican feast/cake bash with friends... it was full and fun! She really is acting like an 8 year old... it's true... time flies! 

Yummy Chocolate Chip Pound Cake + cute 8 year old + a mommy who really needs to get those ugly braces off


growing up

marking the 11 miles we ran earlier that day (for our 1/2 marathon training)... and me proving, once again, via weird face, that the braces need to come OFF... (that could be happening soon... hint hint) 

after running in 65 degree weather and wearing short sleeves on Saturday, Sunday gave us this... 

And we awoke to a teeeeeensy bit of this on Monday.... 

Enough to delay school and sled! (remember, we're in the SOUTH here, people) 

They had a blast! 

just a little... pretty though :). 

Happy boy! 

handsome boys

pretty girl
I hope you all had a great weekend... I'm going to clean up the wet mess before picking the kiddos up from school. Love the snow, but since the flowers are already blooming, let's just go ahead and say NC decided to skip winter this year and call it spring. Have a happy Monday!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Leah! I can't believe she's 8 already!