Tuesday, November 15, 2011



How's it going?

I'm good. Busy, as usual, but good busy. Just took a little data-entry job for a local company that I can do from home over the next few weeks... just this project that they needed help with. It will help with Christmas presents or gas money. Whichever I decide to assign the $ to in my head :).

Also, started training for a 1/2 marathon. I should be able to do that, right? I mean, why not? Running used to be "too hard" for me, and it's true that I've had left knee and hip issues, but I feel good and strong, and the training lines up with how I exercise anyway, so should be good to go. We shall see.

Kids are great. Excited for Thanksgiving and then the "BIG" break for Christmas. They ask me eleventy billion times a day... "MOM... HOW LONG does the break last? Really? TWO WHOLE WEEKS???" They are a wee bit excited :). For now we are all just happily trotting along in our routines.

Hmmm, what else. Not much, really. Zach's entering his home stretch of this first semester, which is crazy. It will feel like an awesome accomplishment when he finishes his last exam and we realize that this actually worked. We actually got through the first semester of Dental school, our sanity (pretty much) intact, all of us happy and at peace with how are lives are going every day. I love my family! I have a great husband and awesome kids. I have a ridiculous amount to be thankful for.

Am I boring you? It is all sort of boring. But I do need your ideas. With baking.

*Okay, so we're traveling to see Zach's Dad's side of the family for Thanksgiving, and I've been assigned "desserts" for about 20 people. I need to make these desserts about 2 days in advance and then keep in the fridge. Of course Pumpkin Pie is a nice staple and easily keeps in the fridge for a few days, but what else should I make? I was thinking 2 pies and something else. What would be okay (maybe re-heatable) in the fridge? and Easy? and is tried-and-true for you, so I know I'm not going to show up looking like a baking idiot? (I do love to bake. One of the only things I'm actually good at. But, I need ideas!!!).

Come on internet. Help me out. Love you guys!!!


  1. Ooooh Becca!! I have a fan-dang-tastic made from scratch Apple Cake recipe!! It's better made at least two days before serving to allow the apple dices to moisturize the cake. Let me know if you want the recipe and I'll email it to you. It's yummy!!

  2. I make a white chocolate pecan pie. Looks like you slaved over it...but not! You can make it a die before and it will keep, too. I'll email you if you are interested:)

  3. I'm in need for some brilliant dessert ideas too...baking competition at work next week for the best Thanksgiving dessert!