Friday, November 11, 2011

HUGE favor to ask... please read

Unfortunately we're having some problems with privacy. I'd like to keep my blog public, but I can't have it related to any specific group of people (sorry to be cryptic). If you link to my blog on your blogroll, I'd so appreciate it if you would remove this blog. Also, if you officially "follow" this blog, could you please "unfollow"? I'm so sorry for the inconvenience but in order to keep the blog public, I need to implement some safety measures.

Thank you!


  1. Is it cool that I follow anonymously?

  2. Done. So sorry you are having privacy issues :(

  3. hey alli... following anonymously is a good idea if you still want to be updated on the posts... you so smart :)

  4. You'll have to phone us and tell us what this all means. We love the blog and follow it daily but we don't know what you mean in this blog.
    This whole tech world is getting to be too much for us.
    Pop Pop and Mimi

  5. Ok, done. I too will attempt to follow anonymously.