Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I guess this is a little late but...
Happy Halloweeeeeen!
We love this holiday... so. much. fun!
We did, however, force our children to trade in their hard and too-chewy candy this year. They'll get to go to the dollar store in exchange for those items. This is what happens when your husband goes to dental school, and starts to know too much. about reality. boooooring.
Since we live out in the country, we had to borrow our friend's neighborhood for trick-or-treating. It was a blast! And guess who didn't eat one piece of candy? You guessed it- me. Braces ruin all the fun. My mouth is so freakin' sore that I don't even want soft stuff. GAH. annoying.
Anyway, back to the fun... it was fun!
Here are pictures... hope your Halloween was festive as well!
batman to the rescue

ballerina princess!

Knight in shining armor! this is my favorite pose yet... hilarious! this was also a last-minute change. He was Thomas the Train, but decided that Thomas couldn't hurt "bad guys," so he changed into Pete's old Knight costume :). 

Batman and Knight saving the Ballerina from bad guys

Leah and her BFF "C" the Magician

Sammy and his BFF, "G" the cowboy... where's pete? 

Oh there he is... already in a sugar coma stare... 

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