Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I might regret this.

Yah, I know. It's Wednesday. Haven't blogged much. Yada Yada. Real life. blah blah blah. I know life's a "marathon and not a sprint" but if Someone could possibly let these next two weeks be a sprint, I'd be so grateful and possibly do more good deeds or something. Probably not though, considering that whole "sin nature" thing.

Anyway, about regrets. And oh, did I mention a "marathon" up there? Hmm, seems I did, how interesting. Regrets?

No no no, I am not running a marathon. Who would actually pay to do that? And have your toe nails fall off? I've heard some people pee all over themselves too, at the end of the race. Sounds like a blast.

But half of a marathon. Hmmm. Half. That sounds like it could be challenging without making me pee my pants or rip my knees to shreds. Maybe I won't fork over my cash for ultimate suffering... But I will fork it over for half-suffering. That I am capable of.

So a "half" is what I just apparently signed up for, like officially. So now it's officially official. Not until March will this little half race happen. And by "race" I mean "becca will run an 11 minute mile and come in last." I'll be racing the crawling babies and they'll probably win. But as I get wheeled into surgery, I'll still have the memories of completing a half marathon!

Am I an idiot?

Who cares. Well, yes, that's already been established. However, now I am a running idiot.

Oh, and did someone just say that tomorrow is December? What the ????

I am so behind on life. Please tell me you are too.

Be back in awhile...


  1. a running idiot, you say? I shall now call you Forrest Gump. <3 No, but seriously, you are so hardcore.

  2. You can call me forrest ANYtime, E. Maybe I'll even get to be as fast as him someday.... RUN FORREST!

  3. My side, my back, my knees, my sanity...

  4. I am ridiculously behind on life, REEDICKYOULOUSLY. Ugh.

  5. That last comment was me Cazadora, btw.

  6. Great to see you are running a half marathon! It is my favorite and I really enjoy the challenge, but as you say, not the breaking down of the body! I am running Shamrock in March, which race did you sign up for? The Tarheel 10 miler is a great race as well and close to home! I have done that one twice and highly recommend it. It is in April, and you can just ride that runners high for another month! Good Luck!