Saturday, November 26, 2011

just horsin' around.

Okay I'm sorry. That was such a cheesy title. But yes, we did a lot of horsin' around in Virginia over Thanksgiving! Zach's aunt boards her horse at a GORGEOUS barn on incredible land outside of Richmond. So instead of shopping on Black Friday, we went horseback riding! I grew up riding and jumping horses, and it's always fun to re-visit that part of myself. Getting to teach my kids (and show them that I'm sort of cool) is always a treat :).

time to groom and tack up! 

Sammy helped

so excited to teach her! 

Leah loved it

Happy Pete! 

You have no idea how amazing it is that he's not afraid anymore! he LOVED riding! 

My turn :)


out of practice, but still got it... sort of... :)

Sam even got on Ticket (horse instead of pony)... he said "whoa! it's higher up here!" 

love this picture! 

hello beautiful

Sammy snuggling with this precious sweet horse. He has come SO far and isn't afraid. A true miracle! 

We had such a great time. The weather was awesome! I have a few more pics to share later, but I was a pretty bad photog and forgot to capture the actual thanksgiving meal. Something to do with making sure my kids didn't destroy in-laws house... can be a tad bit stressful... but it all worked out :). They behaved! Hope you all had a GREAT holiday... off to decorate for Christmas!

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