Sunday, October 23, 2011

wash over me.

I'm going to talk about my faith for just a minute. Let it wash over me.
But you know? this is so personal, and it's really to remind myself.
I don't believe in Jesus in order to judge others... on the contrary, my love of that dude makes me love you more. Whoever you are. I'm taught to humble myself, to elevate you, to cherish you, to serve you, to love you.
Loving Christ makes me a better person.
I don't mind what you believe, especially if the church has hurt you, which it has, I'm sure of it. Or just pissed you off. but the Jesus I know wouldn't do what's been done to you. He wouldn't.
I trust him, I live my life according to how he lived his. He was a socialist you know, and a crazy liberal who brought freedom to women and slaves.
he was all about love, and balance, and compassion. not so much about the rules people attach him to. he's not threatened by my love of exploring other religions and the beauty they possess. he loves those things too.

That's my little theology lesson for this sunday evening, you're excused :).
actually, this week and weekend rocked me and the love of jesus washed over me once again.

first, i was surrounded by conflict in the adoption community and it was hard, and required patience and work and deep breaths. but many hard emails and conversations led to the softening of hearts and renewed compassion for people often seen as enemies. I truly hope that this compassion within the adoption community can continue and that we all can stand for truth and justice.

then, zach had an accident, a very scary accident that required an ambulance ride and tests and scary waiting. the kids were traumatized. he's okay, just very sore, and a concussion. but still. scary.

I don't believe that being a "good christian" helped to save zach's life. i know many "good christians" or good people who die every day. of starvation. of murder. of suffering.

but I do believe that we were held through the suffering. that we were comforted and given peace to go through the trial. no matter what the outcome. I believed peace would be granted to my heart, and it was.

there are a lot of crazy people out there who think religion or faith will make you better than others or offer extra protections and comforts. it won't. that's a bunch of lies.

but the loving God I know will sustain you, in whatever form you believe it. that peace is real, and it helps me to be a better person.

so tonight, I just want to thank God for this peace. And humbly thank the Universe for once again letting us live life. and play you my favorite song.


  1. and don't worry. i'm not going to be all crazy religious on this blog, ever. but every so often, i want to give credit where credit is due. because this is simply who i am, and it's okay if this is simply not who you are. but we can still all be friends :).

  2. So so glad Zach is ok!! Praying for a swift and fill recovery to peace and full range of motion (heart and body). So sorry this happened. So glad you are all ok. Xo M

  3. Dood. You shouldn't ever have to apologize or explain why you believe what you believe. You are never preachy or judgmental with your beliefs, and your blog should be a free place for you to write what you're feeling.

    Glad Zach is mostly okay. Such a scary thing to happen! But I'm glad it's nothing truly horrible and lasting, and just a concussion.


  4. Thank you for this.

    And I hope all is well.

  5. Beautifully written, and I couldn't agree more! Thank you for sharing, and I am so grateful that Zach is ok. Hopefully both he and Pete will stay away from skateboards now!