Monday, October 3, 2011

magical time

this weekend we ventured to the coast to snuggle our new little niece. My brother and his wife live only 2.5 hours away, right near the beach. The beach in Autumn might be the most spectacular time to visit. Crisp and clear, water emerald and shimmering, cool breeze. We live in a beautiful place!

Uncle Zach gets to snuggle his niece for the first time! 

my brother and my baby girl

I looove being an auntie... 


Sammy needed his own snuggle time... he still wants to be the baby :)

my brother and his awesome wife and baby! see how gorgeous the sky is???

yep. It was 65 degrees and he has 0% body fat. 

My kids demonstrating their positions on the "nutso" scale, from most to least: Pete, Leah, Sam. 

this is what happens when you try to take a pic without sunglasses on. brrrriiiiiiight! 

sand dune jumping


cousin love! 
My other brother and his awesome wife had their baby in Alaska last week, so now I'm an auntie times 2! I need to photoshop my other niece into these photos :). Can't wait to meet my newest sweet baby!!!

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Fall... I'll post soon with some fun details on my travels this week... should be a crazy few days! I'll be chillin' with some Congressional representatives and urging ETHICS in adoption... I hope I get to make my points, and I hope they are loud and clear. Anyone out there NOT doing adoptions ethically and ignoring children's rights... watch out! Adoptive families are standing up for solid ethics!!! Stay tuned :).


  1. Newborns are the best. As long as they're somoene else's :) Ha ha. Really, I do love them. But the sleep depravation? Not so much. She's precious. And has a lot of hair, Right? Cute.

    And a big yes to ethics in adoption. I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

  2. fun day! thanks for coming on down!