Thursday, October 27, 2011


Despite Zach's concussion, he was feeling well enough to coach on the field for our last soccer game. I'm usually more present during the games and coaching from the sidelines, but this game I wanted to take pictures. The kids pretty much know what to do anyway at this point! We had an amazing season with fun kids and families. Zach and I loved coaching! Next semester is killer for Zach, so we probably won't be able to do it again, but we considered this opportunity a way to serve kids and their families, and we enjoyed every second of it! I highly encourage coaching... it's a great way to connect with kids and provide a happy spot in their week!!!

Pete and "ocho"... wanted to publicly document that we coached him first... this kid is INCREDIBLE and other coaches would audibly gasp at is footwork and speed. UNbelievable! and completely adorable. 

 I wish I could post a team picture... need to figure out how to put little hearts on the kids' faces before I post it here :). Soccer is definitely a great sport for our family! Lots of action, teamwork, fun. Pete is quite the little player... he's really good and it's been fun to watch his skills develop. Can't wait for another season!

Leah wants to play too, but this semester she's focusing on Ballet. Her teacher just named her the "October Star" for her hard work. I was a ballet dancer about 15 pounds ago, so it's fun to watch her skill develop as well. She has great feet and just a little work to do on her turnout especially to the back, but she's a great little dancer.

Sammy might want to play soccer next season. He's my little engineer and totally brilliant at building things... that's more his MO. He also loves to dance in his goofy little way, and delights over hiking and driving his tractor.

My kids are awesome :). They are always free to try things as they wish, and stop as they wish. I won't label them in one way or another... these are all "extremely current" labels, subject to change according to their own dreams :).

Happy Thursday, and thanks so much for your prayers and support regarding Zach. He's still really sore with a big muscular hematoma on his back and residual pain from his concussion, but improving every day. We continue to be thankful for his healing and our kids emotional healing. What a crazy accident... but all is well.

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  1. Make sure you get "ocho" to sign a photo of him so you have his autograph, too!

    I hope Zach continues to recover well, what a scare!