Monday, October 17, 2011

dear old Wake Forest

This weekend we were able to go to a little slice of our Homecoming at WFU. Zach and I both graduated from Wake, and it holds a part of our hearts. We love it there! And of course... North Carolina in the Fall is spectacular. Stunning. Gorgeous.

We had to head home after the Quad festivities, due to Zach's biochem exam today (he's taking it as I write this. Apparently it's hard, very hard). So we missed the tailgating and game, but were thankful for our fun time on the Quad!
Wait Chapel! And yes, Leah and Pete had their hairs dyed... Purple and Green. Sam looked at me and said "no way mom, that's weird." He's my most logical child :). 

sack races! 

man down... 

the prize: annoying thing that makes duck noises

More races with the Milner kids

watching the band and cheerleaders

Go Deacs! 
We're sad that we didn't get to see more friends in W-S... hopefully we'll be able to visit again soon! We had a great time visiting old friends from ABES during school pick-up (it was great for Leah to see her friends from her former school!) and to catch up with our dear friends the Milners. Sammy was pretty mad that we weren't moving back in with my parents... every time we're there he thinks it's time to move back in. Sorry bud, Papa Doc would probably have a heart attack if we did that :). Hope you all had a great Fall weekend... stay tuned, because soon I'll share a stroke of genius that happened to me last week. It involved pumpkin and cream cheese. You FB friends know what I mean. Pure Genius!!!

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