Wednesday, October 12, 2011

by the light of the moon

So here I am, back to reality after the whirlwind known as last week.
I'm so glad to be back. And thank you for your support and kind words. I'm blessed to have such supportive friends and family, and blessed to have this wee little platform to (hopefully) change some things for the better. If we're given a voice, on any issue, to help uplift/protect the vulnerable in this world, then we need to use it. Even if it only reaches one set of ears. Use your voice for good.

My current reality is here, at home. I can go lobby for change for a day, but my real work, my pure joy, is here, home, with my family. Nothing is better. Lately we've been playing after dinner, by the light of the moon.
sun setting, pinkish sky

Moon rising

deeper pink

tantrum... smacked Pete with tennis racket... time out :(. Also, apparently you need window cleaner to actually clean windows. Who knew?

all better! dry those tears, buddy.

almost bedtime

cozy home awaits.


  1. Holy smoke. In the very short time that you've been gone, Sammy has grown into an adult man. Seriously. That picture of him smiling - it's one of those pictures where you can totally see what he's going to look like as an adult, you know?

    I love The Albertsons. That is all.

  2. So much fun to play under the moon. And window cleaner? Bah! Boring. :) Use vinegar and water, or shell out for those window cloths. I love mine, cleans windows better than any cleaner.

    How boring that I know all that?

  3. Sam looks like he is 12!!! Daniel said when he grows up he will be my chocolate African man. :-)

  4. Adore the moon shots, it's too cold here when the moon's out!