Friday, August 5, 2011


We made it!
Finally... sigh, there are so many quirks and hiccups involved with moving, as most of you have experienced, I'm sure. My whole body is aching from moving us in. We had the awesome help of my sisters Hannah and Annie, and Zach's "brother" Brian made the move survivable. We're finally feeling settled. Not having internet was hard for a few days... it's my way of feeling "connected" and less lonely through this transition. But, not having internet also forced me to work my booty off getting stuff done! (actually, I wish I really could work my booty off... time to stop the sugar intake!) Everything unpacked, organized, put away, hung up, etc etc... it's starting to look really good! The kids are dealing with this in their own ways... Leah is acting like a mouthy teenager and crying every 15 minutes (grrrrr), Pete is louder than ever and repeatedly throws his body against walls to burn off his nervous energy, and Sammy curls up in his bed and stares at the ceiling. Having such different reactions is hard to manage, but we've taken many unpacking breaks to snuggle on the couch. LOTS of snuggle time helps tremendously! We've also hiked on the property and done a LOT of fishing... Pete and Leah have both caught sunfish and large mouth bass (I think I'm correct here... my fish knowledge is extremely limited :).

Anyway, lots more to do here, including shopping for school supplies, but here are a couple pics of the kids enjoying breakfast on our front porch... check out that view!!!

So, here we are. About to start with school for the kids AND for Zach. I'm not gonna lie... this is pretty scary for me. I'm good with the home schedule and getting the kids all ready, but it's the unknown of how busy Zach will be. I know I can do this, but I'm hoping to keep the whole family happy, healthy, and stress-free (or at least reduced :).

Can't wait to share our journey here with you... Happy weekend!!!


  1. so glad you are a
    back online!!!!

  2. Looking always. Gorgeous place there...welcome home albertsons!!!!

  3. I hate transition, but love what's on the other side. You are rocking this, and so are your kids. They are processing in there way and will move through it. Wish I could come for tea and enjoy the space with you!