Friday, August 26, 2011

for the first time ever...

... for the first time ever,
i am...

bored? yes. My life post-academia was filled with work, and then quickly filled with kids. Leah, then 22 months later... Peter, then 20 months later... Sam. Most of the time I had all three home with me, and then the boys once Leah started Kinder. Pete, as you all have (I'm sure) figured out, is equal to 3 children in terms of his, ahem, spirit. Sam, on the other hand, is equal to about half a kid, because he's calm, sweet, wise... he's a breeze. He was just born with this super laid-back personality. Now that Pete and Leah are both in school from 8-2:30, Sam and I have been hanging out. I have no cases right now, and no real community to speak of yet (still sniffing out churches, no neighbors, etc), house is unpacked and organized, husband off at school with his head buried in cadavers for the next 4 years, and I live out in the country. I can't remember having this much time on my hands. I know, I know... this sounds like heaven to you... it sounded like heaven to me, just a few weeks ago! But now that I have it??? It's weird! Uncomfortable! Unfamiliar! I'm used to running around 1000 miles an hour. Just a few months ago I had 3 part-time jobs. With Sam still at home, no SW job would pay enough to be worth childcare for him, so I'm not going beyond contract work. My friend Alli commanded me to chill out and enjoy it... So I'll try to take that advice. And blog a lot, I guess. and clean. I should clean more. Maybe I'll write a book. Any other ideas?? I'm thinking of taking some sciences next semester at the community college here, so that i can apply to nursing school. Nursing school, you ask? Sure, why not? I love career changes (don't worry, I'm not taking this lightly... I've been thinking about it for two years now. We shall see.) Sam would seriously just sit in the back of the classroom with a coloring book. He's a good one, that sweet boy.

Speaking of Sam, he broke his foot :(. For awhile we thought it was a bad sprain... then confirmation from pediatric ortho... it's broken. Poor dude. He'll wear that little half-cast thing for 2 weeks, then should be fine! kids heal so fast!

In the meantime, I may try to bake up a bunch of my secret recipe cookies and sell them at some local fruit and veggie stands. You know, in an effort to get Americans to by cookies instead of fruits and veggies. I'm a giver!

Off to embrace the boredom... give me some ideas, people! I wish I could do some kind of work from home... hmmm.....

Happy Friday! (and happy "new auntie week" to me! My brother and his wife just had a sweet baby girl, my very first niece!!! soooo excited!)



  2. HAHA Nate! How did I guess you would say that??? hmmm....
    okay, so now that you're my writing guru, GUIDE ME!!! :)

  3. Sounds like you need a new internet obsession. Try Pinterest! :) Or are you addicted already?