Wednesday, August 31, 2011

being bored: a thing of the past

as I shared two posts down, I've never really been bored in my life. Like, ever. So being bored was way to foreign of a concept. For journaling purposes, I'm going to record my new life titles here:  (please note: I'm no longer bored. that lasted for like 5 minutes.)

*5-yr-old soccer team coach (please withhold your laughter. And yes, I do believe that a background in ballet will be every beneficial, thank you very much.) (ps- they had NO coach. no one to do it. so I said I would do it. You should call me a hero now. Stop laughing!).

*Librarian. Well, a volunteer in the library at my kids school for a couple hours a week. Heck, If I'm not able to get a full-time job to help pay the bills, I might as well help the librarian cover books, right?!? Karma.

*Substitute preschool teacher. This one comes with a little money! woohoo! Sammy starts preschool next week, something that I can't *actually* afford. Whoopsies. But you know, the kid is dying to go to school. He's watched his siblings go, and he wants to go. How can I refuse? So, the poor preschool director has had to endure not one, not two, but FIVE conversations with me sitting in her office, BEGGING her to call me first. Call me at midnight! Call me at 5am! CALL ME! Call me first! I want to be the perma-sub!!! I'm hoping to cover at least some of this tuition without working at the strip club. I KID, I KID. calm down.

*Student. Yes, I have to complete 30 hours of education every year to remain a homestudy social worker. I have a lot of on-line courses to take between now and January. On those unfortunate days when I'm not subbing, I'll be webinar-ing.

*Stalker. Of my boss. I'll be calling my supervisor every 5 minutes to see if the agency (social work) I contract with has work for me. For a whole 2 months, I've had no work. This is the nature of being a contract worker. But, much like the preschool director, I will annoy the crap out of my poor boss until she gives. me. ALL. THE. WORK. in the area. thankyouverymuch.

*Cook. We're on the tightest budget of all time. You know, for America. Anyway, I'm attempting to come up with creative ways to make pasta/beans-and-rice/water for 7 dinners a week. We're vegetarian most of the week. Got a good recipe (CHEAP) to share with me???

*Tutor. Good Lord, y'all. My kids come home with a ton of homework. So that's what we do every afternoon. Sammy works with play-do while the big kids do their work. I'm proud of them though... they're learning a lot and eager to work hard! Once they're done, we have lots of outside time!

*Ballet mom. Yes, I finally get to put my actually skills to work by helping out in Leah's ballet class when the teacher needs me. This is my favorite :).

Pile all that on top of the normal "housework" stuff (cleaning, laundry, packing lunches, actually taking a shower, grocery shopping, school pick up/drop off, baking cookies (this is important), and exercising), I'm no longer bored. I'm very, very blessed. Despite Zach being super busy, we've successfully handled this first tiny section of our new lives, and we're finding our grooves, as a family and as individuals. I'm proud of all of us. It's a juggle, but it's all good. I'm not worthy to live such a wonderful life. All I can offer is tons of gratitude and a humble "thank you," as well as whatever volunteer time I have left. And cookies. I offer lots of cookies.

Hope you all are having a great week... and peace out August... I hate summer heat! bring on the cold!


  1. Check out this website. My favorite for new recipes.

    Cousin Ally

  2. Lentil soup! Very simply:

    Sautee a small onion in a stockpot with some olive oil. Add small amounts of water as needed to keep it from burning. If you're feeling fancy, toss in some white wine to deglaze the pan and add flavah. Then throw in a bunch of dry (and rinsed) lentils. Like 2 cups probably. Stir those babies up with the onion goo. Then add a bunch of water to fill the stockpot like 3/4 of the way. Add in cut up carrots, celery and potatoes. Then use spices. Whatever you like, really. I use salt, pepper, buttloads of cumin and coriander and a little turmeric. Bring it all to a boil and then reduce the heat to medium-low until everything is tender.