Wednesday, August 10, 2011

first day of school

Yesterday we had the first day of school... Sammy insisted on being in the picture... (cute), but wouldn't look.

Then Pete refused to stand up. It was his first day of Kindergarten! He was a total champ... strutted in like he owned the place. It's easier when everyone is new to the school. Leah had a harder time. She's one of only two new kids. New town, new school, a history of anxiety = hard day for my sweet girl, which = a hard afternoon/evening for her mama (trying to calm fears, talk her down, reassure her, etc, etc). Some emotional exhaustion has settled in, but it was to be expected. Not a shock. But still hard. I know she'll do just fine!

Nothing a little fishing after school can't help...
This is what they caught. I personally think this is disgusting. GROSS. ew.
Are we officially country-bumpkins? (Is that a derogatory term? my apologies if it is. Couldn't think of a better phrase).
Well, off to pick up the big kids. Sam starts in a few weeks. Here's hoping that Leah had a better day...


  1. Oh I hope she adjusts quickly. Will pray for a special friend to ease those fears. Went through this with Wick this year. New kid, mid school year. It was SO hard but think it is good, character building. At lease that is what I told myself. And the wine helped too. :)

  2. Your new place makes my new place look like the projects. HAHAH!! I love it and can't wait to get a tour when we visit you guys!

  3. As a native of East Tn, I claim to be a country-bumpkin and am in no way offended by the term, unless the user of the term assumes we all have three teeth and cows on our front porches! :) Good jobs on all accounts with the moves, changes, and new opportunities! We want a pic of Zach's first day of school too, complete with lunch box!