Friday, April 1, 2011

Springity Spring Break

At first, the weather was pleasant... by the looks of Pete, it was HOT outside. But alas, it was not that warm. This is just his regular uniform of life. Anyway, we were able to get a lot done outside, as shown here:

Then the weather took a turn for WINTER. It was downright nasty outside! So that called for some indoor concerts.

And it's usually important on bad weather days to make a cake. I've never made red velvet from scratch before. I'm not a pretty cake baker, but heck yes they taste divine!

Sammy loved being covered in cake... he loved eating the cake too! {I nearly had a heart attack when I changed his diaper though. Then I remembered: RED cake. Phew.}
It was also quite nice being at my parents house during this cold snap... because if you can't tell, it's huge. like, massive. not the "hey look at us we have tons of money blah blah blah" kind of huge, but the "hey look at us we raised tons of kids here and oh look our kids can move back in with their kids" kind of huge. It's an awesome house, full of good karma and love.
And extremely good for indoor games of tag. {note Zach's heart pants. Yes he wears these in public. Atta boy.}
So that's that. We've had a good week filled with lovely friends and cheer, despite the icky weather. It remind me of Ireland in March though, which is always nice to think about. I hope you all had a great spring break, if you've had yours yet! It was nice to be free from routine... back to the grind next week.

{oh, and good news! Pete got a spot at the charter school where we're moving... but there were no spots for Leah's grade, so she's 2nd on the waiting list. I'd love for them to be at the same school, and would appreciate any prayers and good thoughts on our behalf so that Leah gets a spot at the school, too. All we need is for 2 kids in her grade to move away or decide to go to another school. Could happen! I'm hopeful! thanks friends.}

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