Thursday, April 14, 2011

3 years of Sammy

Three years ago today,
we met our precious son for the first time.
So many of you have seen our little video, but I wanted to share it again.
Equally measured, it was one of the four best days of our lives :).
Our lives have been forever blessed by this beautiful child. I will forever be grateful to be his mommy.


  1. Awww. I think I remember your post from last year this time. I miss you!

  2. seriously one of the top 3 cutest babies i've ever seen (not sure who else is in there, but top 3 sounds right). and so happy. yay for 3 years of sammy :).

  3. and this, what a sweet, sweet boy.

  4. Yup, this made me cry last year, and this year too! I might be extra emotional on this topic though...

  5. NEver tire of seeing this video..remember the original event!!! Hug that sweet Sammy for me and mkae him give you an extra one, on my behalf!! hooray to all!

  6. Ok, I don't know that I've ever watched this before! I can't get over it. How smiley Sam is - how natural you guys are at just becoming a family before my very eyes! So much love in this little 3 minute video. Love it. Love the love.