Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Day in the Life:

Hey there! So this is the first part of that project I mentioned. Since moving to my parents, our drive and routines throughout the day have changed a lot. We used to live in a more urban neighborhood in the middle of town, so my driving time was very short, plus we carpooled with our neighbors. My parents live closer to the countryside, and obviously we don't have our carpool buddies anymore, so my life now consists of a lot more driving! This isn't such a terrible thing, as we get to talk in the car and observe the changing landscapes as we manage our morning commute. (however, gas prices = poop).

I'm going to take a couple of days to share what our Tuesday was like this week (typical of a normal day for us). I brought my camera along for our drives throughout the day, and tried to document our commute as best I could. It was fun to capture these seemingly mundane moments. But these are the moments that take up the majority of our days for these few months, and I wanted to remember them! Also, I would LOVE to have you participate, too. If you decide to capture your daily routine, Link to your blog in the comments section so that we can follow your "A Day in the Life" series too! I'd love to see how our daily routines compare. It's also a fun way to capture memories for later in life, when you want to remember what life was like now.

Without further ado, my morning, Part One:

I get into my car and look out over the driveway:
I turn around to make sure everyone is buckled up. Note the normal sleepy looks of two of my children, and a slightly different approach to life displayed by my middle child:
We make our way down the little country road my parents live on:
Onto the road leading to the busier town:
Enter heavier traffic, and repeat this scene about 5 times:
Travel down the parkway and behold the skyline:
Pull off the parkway and enter downtown area:
Note the train stalled on the tracks... make alternate plan in brain:
Go around the "do not enter" signs... all in the name of getting your kid to school on time:

Come up on stalled train from other direction:
Turn onto the little street leading to school parking lot:
We made it!
Walk up the path to school:
Drop off # 1 = complete!
This first part of our morning, from pulling out of the driveway to drop-off, takes about 20-25 minutes.

With my daughter settled into school, we leave and start the next phase of our morning, to be featured tomorrow :). Let me know if you decide to document your day! I'd love to hear from my readers and learn more about where you blog and do life :). Cheers!

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  1. Um, my pictures wouldn't be nearly as scenic. You would be thinking "wait, isn't that where she just was? The ground is flat and there are no trees. Again."