Friday, April 29, 2011

the rest of last tuesday...

well, here we are, the day of the stunning royal wedding! I did, indeed, dress up. Oh yes, we did (well, the girls did... will share a picture or two :)). But right now, I find myself waiting up for one of my kids to come running inside screaming (they are "camping"... in the yard...). So, while I wait for a scared kid or two (Sam quickly noted that he preferred his bed, inside), I will finish up my documentation of last Tuesday!

It was far more exciting than a regular Tuesday, because the Budweiser Horses visited our town! Zach's mom lives downtown, so we gathered and watched the horses from her balcony. It was splendid!

So basically, after the Y, my Tuesday was everything I had done before, just in reverse. This particular day, after picking Leah up from school, we had a lovely time with dear friends:

Then it was time to wait for the Budweiser horses to arrive....
some of us waiting inside and dined on delicious subs and chips (it was a party... healthier choices were saved for the rest of the week :))...

Here they come!
Those of us who stayed up...
those of us who went down for some street viewing...

HUge!!! (and in true form, sammy didn't really care about any of it... he just wanted to watch a movie...)

So, it was a great Tuesday. Thanks for reading "a day in the life"... of our Tuesday last week. Most of it is pretty normal of our days lately, minus the fun horses and dinner (cooking and wrangling kids is more the norm)...

while we celebrate a beautiful wedding and blessed life today, please remember to keep Alabama and the other states torn apart by the horrible tornadoes in our thoughts and prayers. I'm utterly shocked by the devastation. Give generously to the American Red Cross or other organizations helping with the relief efforts.


  1. 1. not my best photo ever.

    2. pete really is a crazy mix of zach and kyle, isn't he? It's like they spawned him.

    3. love you people. a lot.

  2. 1. you are always adorable and have an adorable kid on your lap.

    2. this combination scares the crap out of me on a daily basis.

    3. we love you more :).