Wednesday, April 13, 2011

playing hooky with my babies

Today I picked the kids up early from school and we headed to the mall.
bad parenting maybe...
but we went to see a free concert with my mom and one of my sisters!

one of our favorite songwriters, Laura Story, was giving a concert...

This is particularly one of Leah's favorite singers... what a treat to skip school and see good music... (hoping for a few cool "mom points" to use someday...). Below is one of my favorite songs written by Laura. I've shared here that I have a full-blow phobia of bad christian music (and yet, when done well, music can speak so gently to my skeptical soul), so when a good songwriter comes along I'm always thrilled. We were lucky enough to see our dear friends there too... it's been a lovely day :).


  1. Beautiful! That just makes you a cool mom. Wish we could have been there.

  2. You are an awesome mom! i wish I could've skipped school. Haha! By the way, do you listen to Jill Phillips? She's a Christian artist but they don't play her on the radio. :) Oh, also, Paige Aufhammer!

  3. i love her! she came to forest hill church in charlotte when we went there a few years ago. she is so cool..and yes i think you get lots of mom points!