Monday, April 18, 2011


it is a sad thing to participate in lovely weekend events but lack a camera. oh well... next time I'll remember it!

Also, I'm working on a fun project, involving a camera, that I want you to participate in. Details coming soon! It involves taking pictures while driving. Er, while stopped, while driving. Because actually taking pictures while driving would be dumb. Stay tuned!

And, check out this video! Our in-real-life friends have started a non-profit to serve women and children in Uganda. They are the real-deal. They understand what they are doing and do it well, out of a call to serve as opposed to a call to build up their egos. I love these people and their servant hearts, and how they are doing this for all the right reasons. We love this project and I'll be highlighting it here a lot! Here's a little intro to get you acquainted!
(Had to temporarily remove the video... to the to get to their FB page and follow their videos/journey!)

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