Thursday, May 2, 2013


Merlefest is a big ol' music festival here in NC started by the late Doc Watson in honor of his son Merle. We here in NC love bluegrass, and country or alternative or any kind of musicians raised in NC usually have a bit of bluegrass/folk influence in their writing. To me, this sounds like "home." We couldn't make it up to Wilksboro this year... we live a bit too far east and we're in the midst of tests (well, I am. I have a lab practical, my FINAL one, in an hour. I should be studying and not putting this video up on my blog. Whatevs).

So to mark this missing of the Avett Brothers (born and raised outside of Charlotte), I will post this incredible, signature NC spring-rain-soaked concert video that someone posted on FB that made me so very happy... at least I could experience it through the internet :).

Happy May! And happy birthday to my awesome dad!!


  1. Yes. Keithala rules. Happy B-day to him.

  2. It was SO GODDAMNED WET. But we sang along anyway.