Friday, May 17, 2013

May for the win!

May is crazy. CRAZY. But so chock full of fun that I haven't been here. Sorry to my dad and grandparents and three other friends who look at this blog. Here are a bunch of photos from my phone!
(I'm done with school! woohoo! and ready for the big nursing school this August. Kids done next week- summer is here!)

I've lost track of time... let's see... a couple weeks ago we celebrated at my sister's wedding shower on a very un-May day! It was 65 and raining. So so cold, but that didn't dampen the fun! The day before that we ran the Race for the Cure in honor of my survivor mom. It was freeeezing and I didn't run fast. Oh well.
race day... COLD! 

Leah got my phone... 

Sam and his rainbow :)

Pete took pics of Bella, my dog-niece :)

Hannah, me, and Ginna trying to stay warm!! 

gift time! 


more sweet friends

family! and friends

cousins :)

haha! gift in diaper box... her future? 

And then we threw Leah's dance recital in there a few days later, just to keep things interesting (she did fabulously well, of course).

More soon... my sister graduates from College this weekend, kids are done mid-week... and bam! Time for doctors appointments, pool time, wedding, travel... YAAAY summer! 

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