Monday, May 20, 2013

field day

As a kid, this was my least favorite day. I never felt all that athletic and really didn't want to put my lack of talent on display for my peers to mock (I rode horses and danced and ran. that's it... anything involving moving round objects or obstacles never worked out too well). Also, during a relay race in first grade, a girl broke her arm right in front of me. I remember it so clearly. I didn't bother me (bodes well for my future in nursing), but it certainly shocked me. I remember my dad running over, and she looked up and said, calmly, "I broke my arm." And my dad said "yup. you did." And I just stood there shocked that the kid wasn't crying.

Anyway, my kids had field day and I totally loved watching them. Leah felt more like I did as a kid... not that interested, but she was still brave and did some of the games (and hid behind a tree or a parent for the games she didn't want to play). As you may have guessed, Pete was PSYCHED about the entire thing and claims to have "won" field day. Trying to get my kid to be LESS confident sometimes...
ready to launch

according to him, he is winning field day! 

boundless energy

chasing something

aaaand there's leah, hiding by my friend (her bff's mama), Miss K :)

The weather was sunny and cool and perfect... a rare occurrence in May, when it's usually getting hot and unbearably humid... it was a fun day to spend with my big kids, even if I had a little PTSD from my past field days... ;)

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