Thursday, May 30, 2013

school's out fo' summa

my kids have been out of school since the beginning of last week, which means zero bloggin' time for mama. We've had a packed few weeks... I'll try to document here over the next few days! Competing for my time: online student loan applications for school. Scary!!!

So let's focus on happy thoughts. Today I'll share some pictures from Leah's class picnic, at her classmate's farm. Living in the country means the kids do country things, like go to farms for class picnics. I'm telling you, it's gorgeous around here! I miss our old, more urban neighborhood and city a lot sometimes, but this is a great experience for all of us... so pretty around here.
see the crowd under the trees on the right? Such a wonderful picnic

one of the barns (cows, goats, chickens)

tractor rides for the third graders :)

Then then all wrote wishes in lanterns... 

and sent them to the heavens! 


red barn... love it

Once I get my student loans applied for, I'll add more stories from the past two weeks. My kids got big awards in school, Sam graduated from preschool, my sister graduated from college... big times! Oh... and the pool is OPEN... thank goodness! 

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