Wednesday, October 31, 2012


My kids don't like the tricks so much. Treats for us! (and DUH, I steal their candy.)

We carved these pumpkins two weeks ago, and then they promptly rotted on a warm day. Oops! I keep trying to teach the kids about the whole concept of "patience"... not sinking in yet... ha!

I'll post some costume photos after tonight! Sam is going in the worn out old wolverine costume with nothing on his head (he HATES anything on his face/head) so he's easy. Pete will be an "army guy" like his Uncle Tyler, and Leah will be a gypsy (interestingly, two of my sisters are actual gypsies, adopted from Romania, and they are ethnically Roma or "gypsy" as they're commonly called. A bit of history for your Halloween...).

Have fun, be safe, and say some prayers for our north east friends dealing with so much yuck. So sorry for all of you dealing with the storm aftermath.
carving... (we roasted the seeds. yum)

say cheese

all aglow

artsy fartsy picture

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