Monday, October 1, 2012

Scenes of Cute

Hope you had a great weekend!

Ours was rainy one day and busy the next. Good times with friends... and good times with baking, music, and studying.

Here are those cute scenes I promised...
banana bread on a Friday afternoon! 

there's a lot of butter in this. 

Writing her own music

Love it when this happens :)
Happy Monday!


  1. So cool! Is Leah taking piano lessons, or is she just some kind of musical wizard and can do that stuff on her own?

    1. heeey sisterwife. Leah's taking lessons once a week. It's actually pretty affordable, but with little income probably not the "wisest" choice. In this case I say "screw wisdom" because she's been BEGGING for lessons, so whatever, bye bye money. Knowing how to play piano is far more valuable, right?!?!

    2. Exactly! Screw wisdom right in its ear, man. Juju is taking lessons too and while it's making us financially poorer, he is turning into quite the rocking pianist and I am hoping his newfound skill will somehow turn him into a boy version of Tori Amos, thus giving me a comfortable retirement.