Friday, October 26, 2012

still here...

October is such a great month, and IT is the one that speeds by? not fair! But yes, I'm still here. I have some fun pumpkin carving pictures that I keep forgetting to upload and I have nothing to say about politics here, so this is quite the boring blog to read. Our days are filled with homework, ballet, piano, more homework, and lots of playing outside. We're going hiking this weekend (if it's not too soggy) and I can't wait to be outside on a mountain. My head is swimming with names of bones and nerves of the spinal cord and making myself look grand as I fill out nursing school applications (while wondering if I'm insane for even attempting this education with three kids). I want to go for it- I want to do this, so any positive and happy thoughts prayers you could send out to my application would be very appreciated ;). If I get in, it will be a crazy and intense four semesters, but I've survived various other crazy and intense life "seasons"... so I believe I can make it work. I will most likely come back here in a  year and laugh at myself and barely be hanging on, but that's what makes life exciting, no?

By the way, someone asked me the other day how I "do it all"... to which I promptly laughed hysterically. Because this is what I don't do: clean. or cook really. Or wash my car. Or shop. And my kids sometimes wear clothes a few times in a row (not back-to-back though, because I have to fool the teachers). My house still looks (somewhat) fine, I still have a few friends who don't mind a little dust, and I spend time doing what truly matters: being with my kids, hangin' with my husband, finishing up whatever work I have, studying for my class, and loving our friends however we can. We are so, so lucky. I'm pretty sure I'll look back on this time and appreciate my friends and family and all the education I'm privileged to receive, and Zach is working hard to receive, and I won't remember a thing about the dusty end table or the small (bigger now) rip in my (faux) leather chair or the fact that we eat a lot of beans and rice. We're alive, we're thriving, and non-cooking is healthier anyway ;). Oh, and dirty houses build our immune systems- that's the truth!!! Just ask microbiology!

Have a great weekend NOT cleaning... enjoy!

(oh- and regarding my post below about my friend's brother? have you seen how much has been raised??? Thank you to ANY and ALL of you who gave, even just a little. I'm so humbled. If you want to check out what I'm talking about, read the post below. Rock on, good people.)

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  1. Girrrrrrrrrl. I am not even half as busy as you and my house is filthy ALL the time. HOLLERRRRRRR for our dirty houses!!

    Rice and beans is an underrated dish. That stuff is delicious and healthy and costs next to nothing to make. High five.