Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Not what I want to blog about.

I'm always wanting to update here- to put up fun pictures, tell crazy stories, rant about whatever is bothering me.

What I don't want to EVER have to do is come here and tell you about my friend Tara's brother, who is dying. He is 29, awesome, funny, a daddy, and a husband. And he's leaving our world. He's leaving his precious family behind, and they have nothing. I hate cancer and I hate what it takes from us. It cannot take this family's spirit, and it cannot take a community surrounding this dear family and helping them in their most desperate time.

A documentary was done about Ryan's dying. You can find that by clicking HERE. You should watch it. It will change the way you live your days. It will.

Now please PLEASE go HERE and give. even just one dollar. Twenty? anything. Please. This is really happening- this is really my friend's brother. I don't know what else to do to help them. The only way I can think to help is to share their story. Will you share it too? Will you share and give if you are able? Will you pray?

Thanks friends. Truly.


  1. This is heartbreaking, and I can't even imagine having to lose my partner at such a young age. I donated. Because if it was you or me, I know we would need help in a huge way. I hope they raise a good amount of money to help ease the worry of making ends meet in the middle of such a tremendous loss.

    1. you are the best. seriously. i'm so lucky to know you Alli, and your huge heart. I feel the same way... what if this was you or me? what if OUR husbands faced this and just wanted to know that their families would be taken care of after they died? This is reality- heavy, heavy stuff. Thanks so much friend.