Friday, March 29, 2013

helicopter hope

last weekend we did the "Easter Egg" thing, which is basically my worst nightmare. The kids have been begging to do this since I wouldn't let them go last year. So we headed out to our (usually quiet, peaceful) Cedarock Park, where literally thousands of people had gathered to watch a helicopter dump eggs from the sky, and then to watch obnoxious adults stampede each other, and children, to help their children get the most eggs.
Really? This represents Jesus. Er something. (and the eggs were EMPTY ya'll. What what???)
A few tents were set up by the church that sponsored the event, blasting Christian pop music and telling everyone about their church services. Okay, fine- that's fine. Do your thing, welcome people in. But I pray it's for the right reasons. I hope the gimmicks lead to true community and real love and tangible hope for people who might find their way through your doors because of those helicopter eggs. I really, truly hope that no one is used as a "number" or as a political pawn in the religious game of "we're right and you're wrong."
Because Jesus laughs at that. Or maybe he weeps.
The smiles of my kids, though, made it fun. Kids have a way of stamping out my cynicism and bringing light into my shriveled up heart. Because I guess a helicopter dumping eggs IS pretty cool, when you're seven :).
An introvert's worst nightmare

It was freezing. It's still freezing! But they're cute, at least. 

after getting home I went for a walk to clean my brain. From the images of that egg drop. This is the little river behind out house. 

And I thought about the new life that can come, when reminded of what Easter really means. 
Peace to you all on this Good Friday- Love wins.

When hope is not pinned wriggling onto a shiny image or expectation, it sometimes floats forth and opens. -Anne Lamott 


  1. Love and peace to you, my friend! We are so alike. I have the same reaction to the church-sponsored helicopter egg drop stuff. Love you!

  2. Two super cool parts from the hunt:

    1- a helicopter dropped eggs?! SO AWESOME. Like, so, so awesome.

    2- your beautiful kids and their beautiful smiles.

    Two things I wondered while I read your post:

    1- why didn't you have a Bloody Mary in hand? Or a mimosa? I mean, really.

    2- why didn't the helicopter drop jelly beans also? Or skittles? I mean, really. It was the perfect opportunity to have candy falling from the sky.

    1. Oh dear Ingrid... you know I drank heavily upon returning home. You must know that, right??? :). I AM going to be a stalker and visit you someday. Also... RIGHT??? no candy from the helicopter. nada. WHATEVER.
      thanks for agreeing that my kids are rad. They are. So so great.

  3. Thank you, Becca! Your posts bring light and hope to me.

    1. this made my day Sarah! words are nothing unless they bring light and hope... and least that's my goal. an often failed goal, but at least there's humor most of the time :).