Saturday, March 16, 2013

calm after the fun

We've had a crazy few weeks of partying!
first a huge family wedding... my mom's bff's daughter got married (by the way- the bride's mom, is "my" Teri- a second mother to me! and she looked HOT at the wedding- hi Teri!). She is basically another sister, another daughter to my parents, raised by her mom and my parents. So, it was a weekend full of festivities! The bride and groom had a fabulous time and felt the love, which made it perfect :).
My dad and SB... father daughter dance :)

Family picture! I'm so short... hiding behind my Mimi... Zach's keepin' it classy as usual, and my brother Kyle (beside the groom, whom we adore!!), is an ordained preacher man, officiated the wedding and did an INCREDIBLE job. He is so talented. Lives in Souther California so let me know if you want him to officiate your wedding- he makes it fun and rocks it!!! 
glasses picture! ha! 
The next weekend was what I wrote about last week- Mimi's Birthday Party!!!!
I cannot explain how amazing this weekend was!!! I absolutely loved having ALL my cousins in NC with us... what a blast! We missed my brother terribly (who is deployed) but took lots of pics to show him. Family came in from San Fran, Long Beach CA, Miami, Denver, Providence, Bostin, Blacksburg,  and right here from across NC. There was good food, toasts, poems, and great celebration! When you make it to 90 in great shape, you celebrate- right Mimi and PopPop?? :)

Here are some pictures!
Mimi and PopPop with their 4 kids 

Mimi and PopPop 


there were more than 100 people at this party... good thing my parents have a big ol' house (raised 6 kids there!)
Party Animal! 

pictures of Mimi

My dad reading his poem, a family tradition

we wrote new lyrics to "call me maybe" and sang "call me mimi"

a fraction of the grandkids singing call me mimi... the others are all packed in back there! 

Kyle and Sammy hangin' out

My kids and Mimi blowing out the candles! 

great grandkids singing happy birthday! 
I feel like the luckiest person alive, having such a big, fun, loud, inclusive, and kind family. We are very, very blessed. And now for a "chill" weekend :). Happy Saturday, everyone!

*all photos by Sophie, my talented sister!


  1. a) Your family is so awesome and I'm jealous (in a nice, non-evil way) of how much you like each other.

    b) How awesome is Annie's dress in that first group picture?

    c) You and Zach are totally hot librarians.

  2. Thanks Becca for the wedding coverage....could not have done it without your fam
    the VZs! SB and I love each and every one of you so, so much! The 90th birthday
    party was a blast too! When I grow up I want to be just like MiMi.
    Your blog is awesome.......thanks for sharing!