Wednesday, March 27, 2013

chickens and lights

A couple weekends ago we went to our dear friends' house. They live on a great little patch of land and recently bought chicks! They will be churning out eggs soon. Andrew is Zach's great friend in dental school, and his wife Lydia is a nurse who talked me into taking my pre-req's last year (I'm forever grateful to her for pushing me towards my dream!). They love our kids well and invited us all over to meet the chickens and have dinner. We had a grand time, and sent lantern into the sky as we said goodnight.
hangin' with the chickens, sittin' in a bunch of poo. That's how we roll. Don't worry, lot's of washing was done post-chickens! 

oh... were you wondering where Sam was? NOT near the chickens, that's where. Sammy doesn't do chickens. Or any "wild" creature for that matter. Nope. 

I can't wait to have a screened in porch like this someday! 

Almost burned down the village, but narrowly avoided the trees. 'twas pretty! 

Happy Wednesday to you...

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  1. Um, ok, that might be the coolest porch ever!!