Tuesday, February 5, 2013

our little hamlet on the river

We live in a cool place.

It has taken some "getting used to"... because we live in a small town between bigger towns. Lots and lots of "country" and "country folks" (here in NC, the nicest in the world. But still, just different from what I'm used to). We have some great friends here, and some more great friends who live in the Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) who we lived near in our old city. So we get together with them periodically! A spot that we discovered upon moving here is just down the road from our house. It is an old, restored mill town on the banks of the Haw River. It is full of people who live locally, grow their own food, have fun festivals, have an incredible restaurant and bar, and serve world-class cuisine right out of their general store. It's become a destination (was written about in the NYTimes), and it's right in our backyard!

So we met our dear friends there on Saturday for a lovely hike. I feel so happy there!

gettin' some grub

it's so so good. everything made from scratch. Fresh eggs. 

our friends gearing up for a hike

a pond


waterfall through the branches

the mighty Haw River


Silly Pete

enjoying the river

Here's a view from up by the coffee shop. See the river down there, plus the building on the right is a part  of the mill converted into apartments and condos

the old vat (is that a word?) where they dyed the fabrics in the mill. Now all lit up at night. 

huge venue with coffee shop, restaurant/bar. ball room where major names come to play... Gillian Welch, Chatham County Line, Sufjan, etc have all played here! 

love this coffee shop :)

another view

down from the restaurant towards the general store,  a small charter school for middle and high schoolers, and the sheriff's office

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