Saturday, February 9, 2013

happy saturday

Last night we got home at 10:30. The kids love a good party. When we can, we feast and play with our dear friends, the Duncans. One of these days I'll bring my camera... those with iphones always capture the insanity, but then I forget to gather those photos. I'm so happy that my kids get to grow up with their kids. That they have "cousins" their ages. That they will have lifelong friends (and another set of parents) to "have their backs" if they need friends who function as family... without any of the baggage. And then there's the grownups. How grateful I am for my friends. Not only my husband, who is my best friend, but the Duncans, who are also such close friends that the support between the four of us adds such security to our lives. They have pushed us and supported us through our life changes. When we were fearful, they had the wisdom to say "why not go for it? go for it. Do it. we've done it. It's doable." Also, we're all very immature and can laugh for hours about a good fart joke. It's not every day you can act like an immature preteen with fellow adults. It's embarrassingly great.

So. We're grateful. For the way our lives have been woven together and for the way relationships with others can add such depth to life.

Wanna see another sunset picture?

i think this was from Tuesday's sunset. The western roots in me want to chop those trees down. The southern roots in me love the trees. 

My big kids before school on Monday. They LOVE dressing themselves (within limits), and look so cute.  Leah's newest "thing" is to sleep with her hair in braids. Notice how they're 22 months apart and Pete is only 2 inches shorter than Leah. Huge growth spurt!
I'm settled into class, and it's going very well. I love this second semester of A&P. Lots of good info and I love gaining so much more knowledge. It's pretty exhausting though... a hint of what's to come. All that matters to me is that my kids are oblivious and feel happy about their little world. Hopefully we've done a good job in providing a stable, secure start to life... that's my goal. Not perfection, but stability and joy. I'm sure I'll have to pay for therapy at some point though, due to all my fart jokes.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. "Not perfection but stability and joy." Exactly. So well said.