Monday, February 11, 2013

cedarock park

Oh mah gawd, Y'all. I'm bloggin' a ton lately! It's a rainy day here today, and the kids are all home (big kids had the school day off (teacher work day)... Sam still had preschool... mommy and daddy still had class... huge thanks to my neighbor for watching my big kids for an hour while I learned some bloooood physiology!). So they're all snuggled up, chillin, watching cartoons/playing piano/drawing/making cookies/waiting to go to Trader Joe's...

I had to share the pictures from our weekend adventure to yet another beloved place just a stone's throw from our house. It's a historic patch of land with an old farm that the county has restored, along with having animals there again. It has horse trails, hiking trails, a huge frisbee golf course, and it's simply lovely.

blue skies


sayin' hey to the Mules

the old homestead

sheep and goats

climb that tree! 

NC pretending to be Colorado

heading down

kayak area

happy boy


trying not too smile... waterfall! 

my pre-preteen

so pretty
It was nice to be out in the fresh air... NC in the winter is pretty awesome! Have a happy week...

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