Wednesday, February 20, 2013

birthday girl...

My first baby is 9!

We celebrated this weekend with ALL of her grandparents in attendance. Plus her great-grandparents. Plus a few aunts and uncles! I'm not sure if my little girl knows how blessed she is... to have this HUGE family surrounding and loving and adoring and supporting her. I hope she never feels lonely in this life, because she has SO MANY amazing people who love her! Then her best friend from school came home to celebrate with her on Monday, and then we had yet another celebration with the Duncs (and her bff since 18-months-old Corbin). What a fun extended celebration! I'm in total shock that I have a child ONE year away from double-digits. That just cannot be possible. It's weird. And spooky. Especially since I had her when I was 24, and I'm still 24. Not sure how that works?!?!?! :)

I totally failed at taking pictures of all these celebrations, but here are a few from my sister:

She's all kinds of pre-teen... rolling her eyes, talking back, being smart... but also still all kinds of little girl... loving dolls, dressing up, and being sweet. It's a hard age, that in-between phase of not quite knowing what to "be." She gives me a run for my money every day, but she is worth it. She will keep learning and developing and changing into a powerful young lady, that's for sure!

In other news, I'm staring down my interview for nursing school. I need to get a physiology exam out of the way, and then BAM, it is upon me. Prayers and vibes of "calm, confident" appreciated. And clarity. For the love, universe, please don't let me speak like a blubbering idiot! ha! Happy Wednesday to you all...

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  1. 9-year-olds are the sassiest creatures. So much sighing and eye rolling at our house too. Tell Leah we love her and Happy Birthday!