Sunday, January 6, 2013


Christmas morning seems like months ago at this point, but here's some documentation... 
the "stair" picture! my 3 younger sisters, my kids, my brother's baby girl, and their dog :). Waiting to see what santa brought them all... at some ungodly early hour! 

He might be happy about this

he's obviously disappointed

hilarious huge blanket (given by my youngest sister) of Taylor's face! Her #1 fan was thrilled :)

this is our family motto

We had a great time, and now have moved steadily into the new year! Evidence: Sam lost his first tooth today! He was a little freaked out (see those tears?) but quickly decided it was cool to lose a tooth and can't wait to show his teacher :). Sweet boy!
We spent this weekend doing errands and preparing for the true start of the semester (I wonder when we won't think of life as divided into semesters anymore? probably never!)... mama's starting back this week! Ack! Hopefully I'll hear from the school I applied to (supposed to hear sometime this month if I got an interview). For now, though, I'll just focus on learning more anatomy and physiology. Zach is back in full swing, and the kids rocked their first few days back. Back to reality! 

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