Wednesday, January 9, 2013

another year older...

My kids keep having birthdays. It's crazy!
This time it was Pete's turn... on Saturday He got to go to a dance show with one grandma and be taken out for ice cream by the other grandparents, so he was spoiled!
Then we had a low-key pizza hut (his request- nasty!) dinner with his "cousins" and I made some cupcakes, and that was about it for our poor dude! He was so happy though, and didn't seem phased by the lack of huge party. It's a little hard having a birthday RIGHT after Christmas- everyone is all partied out, but we're grateful for the little mini-parties we got to have to celebrate his big day. I made cupcakes too, which makes everything more fun :).
loves his new tractor! 

crazy faces


happy birthday! 

family jam session to cap things off! 
Happy Birthday to our crazy, sweet Pete :).

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