Tuesday, January 29, 2013


that's an annoyed yell title, not a deep, satisfied sigh. Maybe it will turn in to that sometime soon???

Anyway, still plugging along over here. We have had a lot going on, as usual, and that has been fabulous, but stressful, considering I still need to do laundry on top of hosting 20 dental students for dinner and writing a homestudy and going to meetings and going to class 4 mornings a week (that's a lot more than last semester so I'm still adjusting). Juggling that with the kids' schedules plus SNOW DAYS??? (meaning: wet roads) makes things interesting!

And then you realize you need to grow out the bangs you just had cut and order some more hair dye, because your son takes a picture of you and OH MY GOD your hair is one color on the top and one on the bottom because you haven't looked in the mirror for 6 weeks. Here is a picture to help you feel better about yourself:
If there is some makeover show out there who wants to come save me, leave a comment! Also I need a tan! And some makeup! Maybe I should shave my head! 

Now you can wash that image out of your eyes by looking at these pretty pictures:
view of our front yard in the frosty morning

view of our backyard at dinnertime a few weeks ago. Totally unedited photo. love winter sunsets! 

Leah making a silly face in our AWESOME new leather chair that we scored for $199
I'm still waiting to hear if I got an interview for nursing school- I'm supposed to hear by the end of this week. Apparently, if I hear nothing, it means I didn't get an interview (this is for a second-bachelor's program, so they treat it more like grad school). I can't wait to find out- and the cool thing about being a grown-up is that I really don't care either way. I just want to KNOW. you know? We shall see. In the meantime, I guess I should keep studying...

happy week to you all!


  1. Julian just walked in as I was reading this and said, "It's Becca! With bangs!" HA!!! I think your bangs look awesome. Why are you growing them out?

    What is up with these faker snow days lately?

    Dude. I forgot to call you back last night, but this weekend is a bust for visiting you guys - The Professor has to do student interviews for the next two weekends. Farrrrrt.

    1. fart is right! but don't worry, i'll stalk you in your town soon :). thanks for liking the bangs. you're such a good sisterwife. but you gotta admit... i look not good. it is true. I did dye my hair back to all one color, after realizing I looked hoooorrible. xoxo.