Monday, January 21, 2013

Updated to add: Snowmen!

All the snow has melted here, so in celebration of MLK and all that he did to bring our little family together, we will enjoy this nice weather and hike this beautiful land! We live near a few rivers... we'll be hiking along the banks of a river and soaking in the sun and celebrate being together.

Here is one last glimpse of the "blizzard of 2013"... {sarcasm!}
large arms! 

at this point, Sam was totally over it and watching cartoons inside :). 

later the neighbors came over and did that big guy... 

here's another view, highlighting the Magnolia branch that couldn't handle the weight of snow after a solid week of rain... 

I'm melting! 


  1. I'm impressed that they actually took the time to build a snowman! My kids just went nuts with the sled and then pelted each other with ice chunks. No snow art was made at our house.

    Did Pete grow like 9 feet since I've last seen him? He looks crazy tall!

    1. YES! He totally did grow 1000 feet recently. totally nuts. he's almost as tall as Leah!