Monday, April 30, 2012

Life's a Beach!

So it worked! Surprise! We woke the kids up on Saturday morning- the car was packed and ready to go... and off to the beach we went! The kids were SHOCKED and so stoked. My bro lives in Wrightsville Beach which is only a 2.5 (3 with stops) hour trip for us. The weather pretended to be summer, and we got to spend awesome quality time with my brother and his family!!! Now is when I slay you with pictures that will make you want to move here... 

immediately upon arrival... sand angles! 

hope that comes out of your hair, buddy :)

taking in the view

My husband practiced his tooth making skills with the sand. It's getting worse and worse on the nerd meter around here. 

My baby niece! 

future marathoner? 



Leah looked so much like this as a baby... just with darker eyes. Sweetness! 

adoration :)


gimme some of that HAIR! 

I eat cute babies

we're all looking! 

surf and sun

miss you already
So now we're home, back to the routine. But WOW what a fun weekend! Always take the risk/chance to get away when you can. It's always worth it! We had fun, got to see family, grilled fresh tuna and veggies, played, ran, and relaxed. It doesn't have to cost much (or anything!) if you plan it right... explore your own city, state, whatever! And add "see NC coast" to your bucket list if you've never been here... you won't regret it. I'm grateful that we live so close. What's your favorite beach, mountain, park, place to visit, etc? Maybe I'll want to add it to MY list... Happy Monday!


  1. Oh, you Albertsons. You guys are so much fun. And that tooth is freaking pro.

  2. What a fun trip! We are going to a NC beach in July and you totally just got me pumped for that trip. By the way, I hope I can look half as good as you in a swimsuit!

    1. thanks Lauren! You will have a fantastic time. It's so nice. And yeah... just run, lots of brutal running for that swimsuit bod... but I do wear swim shorts (not the normal bikini thing) because I seem to have and extra butt on my upper things. wtf?!?!?