Tuesday, April 10, 2012


What? That was two days ago? I'm such a slacker blogger these days. We were up at our old church seeing some lovely familiar faces and then at the in-laws for the day and had a great time catching up with Zach's dad, stepmom, her mom, dad, and his wife, Zach's dad and stepmom's kids, and Zach's mom, sister, and sister's boyfriend. Did you catch all that? Phew! Lots of people divorced, remarried, etc, but sharing grandkids and everyone gets along great. Easter miracles! :). It was fun getting to hang with everyone for the day. Picturrrrrres! 

not bad lookin' kids you got there. 


One of these children is a wee bit excitable. 

They do like each other, usually. 

growing up! 

he really is cute.

I love you mom, and I'm adorable, but I'm sick of the camera. 

Chillin' outside

the chefs! 

Had to watch Bubba win

Hearing the egg hunt rules! 

and they're off! 


with the loot! someone is getting tired... 

No rest for the weary... had to have an egg toss! Note the many white lab coats and big shirts... 

the damage! 

This is the only picture I got of me or Zach. You guessed it... this is me! (yes, I have extremely ugly toes and short toenails). But Leah wanted a picture of the pedicure we got on Saturday... which was awesome by the way! I never do that kind of thing, so it was a real treat :). 
And that concludes the photo tour of our holiday. Monday morning was brutal... waking the kids up at 6:30 after a week of spring break = not pretty. But up we got and off we went, and everyone lived to tell about it! Now our goal is to get Zach through finals and on to his next semester (yes, that starts at the beginning of May... dude is truly in school for 4 straight years! Oy!). Hope you all had a very happy Easter!

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