Friday, April 27, 2012

Happiness = Cupcakes.

Who needs fame? Who needs wealth? Not me! Give me a spontaneous cupcake baking/decorating party any day, and I'll be a happy chick. My kids' "fake cousins" were all here yesterday with my bff for this impromptu party and it was a delicious way to hang out :). Photo Series by Zach:

Someone was doing something that induced a fierce mom reaction! what the heck are we yelling about here? can't remember... ha! 

face stuffing in progress 

check out those faces :)

I think they were having fun... notice pete is stuffing his face with chocolate in every single picture... that's one way to keep him occupied. 

I whip my hair. I whip my hair. 

I believe the party was a success. 
So that was fun. Nothing else too exciting happened to us this week... life as usual... work and play. I did run a lot outside (with Zach home I have more time to do that!) this week- and this morning ran 7 miles in 62 minutes (about a 8:52 ish mile I think). I was super happy with that! I love trying to get my longer runs down to sub-9 minute miles. I have no races until the fall (I do have a charity 5k in June but I'm used to the longer ones now so that should just be fun!) and not a lot of time to work on much, but hey, it's better than nothing! I feel strong and healthy and that's what matters.

Speaking of health, I'm working on my vanilla cupcake recipe (yes, complete with healthy sticks of BUTTER for the icing and batter, and REAL SUGAR :). I do use a multigrain flour though! Adds fiber??!). I feel like they're coming out too dry though. I like cakes to be dense (more like a pound cake) and not fluffy, but super MOIST (sorry Alli. My friend Alli hates that word. We'll call it "M-word"). I love the flavor and texture of these but need MORE M-WORD. Any tips? Favorite vanilla cake/cupcake recipe you want to share? I know you read my blog! I have a counter-thingy! Plus, I want to meet you. Leave me a comment with your fav recipe or link to one that you love. THAAAAAANKS!

Happy weekend all!

(oh. and yes. So stoked about the weekend- we're surprising the kids with something fun... will blog about it next week. Zach and I have never pulled off a big surprise so this should be interesting!)


  1. Tip to increase the M-word-ness in your cupcakes: Add pudding to the batter. For realsies. For a batch of 24, you'll need maybe 1/3 cup pudding.

  2. Mmmm. Pudding. Also, sour cream can make a nice M-word cake. I have no wonderful recipe for you, but I do enjoy your blog... found through Allison!

  3. thank you to my TWO readers for the pudding tip. I should've know that! I do use it in a few recipes so i had a DUH moment upon reading your comments. Can't wait to try it! Now, if there are any more readers out there with tips, let me know! For now, I'll be grateful that Lauren, Allison, my grandparents, and my dad read this blog. :)